Yasuhiro Morikawa




Our world is formed by a pile of tiny fragments that we easily overlook. As we see it in macro view, those small elements tend to disappear without reaching to anybody. Photography is an action to re-introduce them to the world in a plain way to enable people to find.

Yasuhiro Morikawa, Tokyo, Japan


2015/6/13~6/18 It is not hidden, but nobody knows’ A Different Approach; a survey of Bay Area and Tokyo Photographers. Diginner Gallery

2014/7/15~7/19 loosen a string Art Photograph Group Show フォトグラファーの視点: 光と瞬 Vol.17 気鋭の写真表現者たち Recto Verso Gallery

2014/6/3~6/29 loosen a string Curated by:Yukitomo Hamasaki Cafe Il Solito


We are facing flood of information in all over the world and at the mercy of media in daily. However, there are people, life and some landscapes behind. What we need now is to put things in perspective. Photograph could be one of the tools. “loosen a string” is photographs taken in Israel, and this is attempt to see what is happening there.

2013/6/28~7/21 After Party 1839 Little Gallery

2013/6/28~7/21 faces NTMY project 61Note Gallery

2010/9 elusiveness Cafe Bialik


After Party

loosen a string

From The Sun

People Sleep